Apr 09, 2020  
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University 
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AT 126L Introduction to Athletic Training Assessment Lab

Co-requisites: Currently enrolled in AT 126 .

This course is for students interested in the Athletic Training major and who are currently enrolled in AT 126 , Introduction to Athletic Training. This is the first sequential assessment course of clinical proficiencies. This course will engage the student in basic athletic training skills for the observational level student (Level 0) for the demonstration, practice and assessment of those basic skills. The student will be required to accrue 25 hours of observation in the Athletic Training Room as an observational student. The observational student may NOT perform/ conduct ANY patient care. This opportunity, as stated above, is for observation time only. Students will be assessed by an Approved Clinical Instructor (ACI). Students will be under the direct visual and verbal supervision of an NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer at all times during clinical experiences. Again, the student may NOT perform ANY patient care.

Term Offered: (F, S)
One hour laboratory.