Apr 09, 2020  
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University 
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AT 421 Athletic Training Practicum VI

Prerequisites: AT 406 , AT 420 , AT 450  
Co-requisites: AT 464 

This sixth practicum course provides the student with clinical-based opportunities while performing a general medical rotation with a family practice physician or physician assistant in a general medical setting. Additionally, this course is designed to develop an appreciation for the importance and need for quality research in the sports medicine/athletic training profession. Included in the course will be an orientation to the methods and procedures utilized in sports medicine/athletic training research, while emphasizing basic principles for conducting research, and for interpreting and critically reviewing articles representative of the sports medicine/athletic training domain. Students will be required to complete a two-week rotation assigned to an MD, DO, or PA (20 hours), in addition to being assigned to various medical and other health care professions.

Term Offered: (S,F)
Two hours lecture and one hour laboratory.