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2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University 
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENGL 413A English Language Arts Professional Seminar

Prerequisites: Admission to Professional Education program; admission to B.S. English Language Arts program; EDUC 306 ; SPED 309 , SPED 310; ENGL 203 , ENGL 204 , ENGL 205  (with a grade of C or better), ENGL 300 , ENGL 302 , ENGL 310 , ENGL 330 . Or instructor consent. Highly recommended: ENGL 329A ; Advanced Mini-Courses (ENGL 431A , ENGL 432A , ENGL 433A , ENGL 434A , ENGL 435A , ENGL 436A , ENGL 437A , ENGL 438A , ENGL 439A , ENGL 440A ) representing the following categories: female authors, or authors of historically marginalized ethnic groups, such as authors of color.
Advanced educational research course for B.S. Education English Language Arts 5-9 and 5-Adult degree candidates. Teaching applications include multicultural approaches and media-enriched, technology-supported ELA instruction and assessment that incorporates differentiation and adaptation strategies to meet a wide variety of learner needs. Self-critique of media site presentations focuses on modeling effective communication skills. Teacher candidates explore avenues for ongoing professional growth as teacher-researchers, including active membership in ELA professional organizations and subscribing to academic journals. 

Term Offered: (S)
Note: A prerequiste for ENGL 414/415