Apr 09, 2020  
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University 
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

APST 200 Special Topics in Appalachian Studies

Provides concentrated study on a specific topic relating to the Appalachians. It may be repeated for credit, and the title of the special topic will be indicated on the student’s transcript. Example of special studies include Introduction to Appalachian Folk Arts and Crafts, The Black Experience in Appalachia, Appalachian Culture, Economic Problems of the Appalachians, Local Flora (also listed as BIOL 260 ), Human Diversity (also listed as SOWK 302 ), and West Virginia History, Geography, and Government (also listed as HIST 307  and POSC 307 ).

Also listed as: BIOL 260 , SOWK 302 , HIST 307  and POSC 307 .