May 14, 2021  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog (August 2019 - July 2020) 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog (August 2019 - July 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Business and Recreation & Tourism Management

The Department of Business and Recreation & Tourism Management offers two distinct four-year degree programs in Business Administration and Recreation & Tourism Management.  The B.S. in Business Administration  degree program is designed for students seeking traditional careers in business and offers areas of emphasis in Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management.  The Department also offers a minor in  Business Administration  .  Students seeking professional careers in tourism, recreation, hospitality and leisure would be interested in the B.S. in Recreation and Tourism Management degree program which offers areas of emphasis in Park and Recreation Management, Tourism Planning and Promotion, and Hospitality Management.


The Mission of the Business Administration degree program at Concord University is to transform our students into competent and responsible business leaders through high quality teaching and personalized advising, while stimulating their academic and service zeal within the context of Concord’s strong liberal arts tradition.  Business faculty engage in active research and service to ensure that our graduates are ready to take on the challenges of the business world or to pursue rigorous graduate education.

Values of the Business Administration Program

The overarching goal of the Business Administration Degree program is the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. We nurture learning and intellectual development for both students and faculty. 

The faculty’s primary responsibilities are instruction, advising, and contributing intellectual contributions that enhance learning. Faculty also provide students with group and individual attention, along with contributions to instructional scholarship. The students’ primary responsibilities are the pursuit of a business education and a commitment to the learning process.  Service activities of our students and faculty include but are not limited to contributions to the Department of Business and Recreation & Tourism Management, the University, and the regional community.

The Value Propositions for the Business Administration program are:

  1. To provide rigorous degree programs that both students and the market demand.  Also, to be the preferred business program, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in Southern West Virginia and Western Virginia, characterized by excellent teaching and high levels of student achievement as defined by the faculty, the business community, and national standards.
  2. To maintain a sufficient staff of full-time, academically prepared faculty to offer degree programs with minimal reliance on a professionally prepared adjunct faculty.
  3. To be a leading provider to employers and graduate schools seeking business graduates.
  4. To provide programs that serve the University and the regional community.
  5. To continuously improve curricula that focuses on faculty-student interaction
  6. To provide career planning and advice for students.
  7. To provide international exposure for students.
  8. To provide real-world learning exposure for students.
  9. To develop and implement graduate level business program.
  10. To prepare students to meet the challenges of earning and maintain professional certifications available
  11. To meet the challenges of providing a socially responsible degree programs.
  1. Develop support within the community about the importance of a School of Business format to achieve the aforementioned goals, and cooperate with University administration towards achieving the objective.

Professional Accreditation Membership

Concord University is a member of ACBSP Global Business Accreditation – Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (www.   ACBSP is a membership association of educational institutions dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence in business education. Professional membership does not imply accreditation by either accrediting organization.

Additional Program Enhancements

The Business Administration program offers options to satisfy the following: Concord’s Honors Program, Independent Studies courses, Interdisciplinary degrees, McNair Scholars research, and distance learning and online courses. Details of these programs and courses are contained in other sections of this Catalog.

Business Symposium Series for Students

The Department offers a series of symposiums organized around a variety of current business topics. Attendance at symposiums is a means by which the Department can provide students with an enhanced understanding of business through their interactions with presenters.

In order to matriculate with a degree in Business Administration, students must attend at least 2 symposiums in both their junior and senior years; thus, attendance at a total of 4 symposiums is required for graduation. Information about times and dates can be obtained at the Department Office, from the business department  email listserv, the Business Department website, or in local news coverage.

If students cannot attend symposiums due to scheduling conflicts, they may access the events from the Department’s website ( under the Resource and Activities menu.

Recreation and Tourism Management

The program in Recreation and Tourism Management  is designed for students seeking professional careers in tourism, recreation, hospitality and leisure fields. The degree offers three areas of emphasis: Park and Recreation Management, Tourism Planning and Promotion, and Hospitality Management. This program prepares students for careers in state and local parks, resorts and recreation service companies, lodging and hospitality, restaurants and food service, and public or private organizations that develop and promote the tourism and sports industries. The program also offers a minor in Ski Area Management for students who want in-depth experience in this aspect of the resort industry.