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2021-2022 Academic Catalog June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 424 Advanced Studies in Visual Arts

Prerequisites: Introductory course for the corresponding art medium or consent of instructor, and overall GPA of at least 2.50.
Under one general heading, a variety of courses are available to meet requirements in the visual arts. Advanced Studies in Visual Arts is a continuation of principles introduced in lower division courses with increasing emphasis on independent projects. Each of these courses requires a high degree of commitment and self-discipline on the part of the student due to the rigorous curriculum and the individualized course structure. The student will focus attention on one of the specific areas listed below. Topics of study will be indicated on the student’s transcript. The emphasis of study may be divided into the following topics or areas of concentration: Art History, Sculpture, Painting, Advertising/ Graphic Design, Illustration, Jewelry, Ceramics, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography. Upon registering for any Advanced Studies course, the student must submit a written proposal outlining the project and anticipated research methods to an appropriate art faculty member. The faculty member will be responsible for the evaluation of the project and a grade assignment at the conclusion of the semester.  A grade of C or better is required for credit for art majors.