Jun 26, 2022  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog June 1, 2021- May 31, 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPED 505 Assessment of Individuals with Disabilities

This course is an applied approach to assessment in special education.  Candidates will focus on understanding how assessment is used to identify and appropriately serve students identified as having special learning needs.  Descriptions and purposes of tests most often used in assessment in a variety of cognitive domains will be covered in depth.  Legal issues and legislation that provide the foundation of both special education and assessment practices will be discussed.  Emphasis will be placed on the practical application of assessment in schools, diagnosis of specific disabilities, writing professional reports, making recommendations from the data, presenting results to parents, attending the eligibility committee meetings and writing appropriate IEPs.  Although there is no formal clinical experience required, candidates are expected to complete designated assignments in classroom environments that include both students with disabilities and students without disabilities.