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2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University 
2011-13 Academic Catalog-Concord University [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English - Journalism Emphasis (BA)

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Core Requirements:

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree in English select one or more of the following areas of emphasis: Literature, Writing, and/or Journalism.

Both the Literature Emphasis and the Writing Emphasis degree programs serve to prepare students for graduate work in fields such as literature, composition, English education, communication, journalism, and linguistics. Either of these degree programs further serves as an appropriate pre-professional major for a student who plans to seek a higher degree in a field such as law, medicine, ministry, or mental health, especially when combined with a second major or minor pertinent to that field (for example, history, political science, business, biology, philosophy, psychology, etc.).

The Journalism Emphasis degree program is designed to prepare students who plan to (1) seek employment with small weekly or daily newspapers; (2) enter other fields of work involving the production of in-house publications and/or company communications; (3) transfer to other colleges or universities to pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism; or (4) undertake graduate study in journalism or communication.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in English requires the successful completion of 120 semester hours, which must include all the following components:

  1. the Program of General Studies , including ENGL 203  and ENGL 204  .
  2. at least six hours of one foreign language.
    Note: Foreign language courses may be used to fulfill certain General Studies requirements. 
  3. program of electives or a minor as worked out with the student’s adviser
  4. program requirements for one or more areas of emphasis: Literature, Writing, and/or Journalism

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