2018-2019 Academic Catalog (August 2018 - July 2019) 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog (August 2018 - July 2019) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Message from the President

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Concord University. Accomplished students have many options in selecting the institution at which they will continue their educations. Why do so many successful students choose Concord University? We believe that the primary reason is that students will experience high quality, affordable educational experiences here. For more than 146 years, students have had the opportunity to work with expert faculty, staff and administrators, people who are dedicated to our students' success in the classroom, in laboratory and internship settings, and in enhancing their long-term futures. We are committed to seeing you graduate and will help you to achieve the goal of earning your degree in the field that matters most to you.

As you begin your journey to success at Concord University, we expect you will find challenging classes and leaders who encourage and empower you to succeed while serving others. Concord University attracts faculty who wish to be on a campus where teaching, personal attention, and scholarly activity are valued and affirmed. Our alumni are successful leaders who maintain connections with the University and who seek to encourage current students in their chosen fields. Our students engage in varieties of activities and we encourage you to become active and involved in your campus community, within and outside the classroom. An ongoing and varied list of extracurricular activities is available offering opportunities for you to have fun, build friendships, and volunteer in this and other communities, whether domestic or international.

I encourage you to read this Student Catalog carefully, as it contains information about our services, guidelines, and policies. If you have questions, please contact our faculty or staff for assistance.

It is our wish that you will find your days on "The Campus Beautiful" to be enriching, memorable, and to have provided you with a valuable education leading to that bright future you are seeking.

Kendra S. Boggess, Ph.D.