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2022-2023 Academic Catalog (August 2022 - July 2023) 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog (August 2022 - July 2023) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Social Work and Sociology

Sociology and social work have similar focus – the study of human beings, as members of society and their relationships to their social environment. The two sciences are constantly updated with the latest issues, concerns, and tendencies that appear in the groups of people being analyzed.

The mission of the Social Work Program  is to prepare students for beginning professional generalist social work practice in a wide range of settings, and with diverse populations through education, research, and service with special appreciation for the peoples and institutions of West Virginia, Appalachia, and other rural areas. The program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974. The accreditation applies to beginning level generalist social work practice. Upon completion of the requirements for the Bachelor of Social Work degree, the National Association of Social Workers will accept graduates as regular members of the Association. Additionally, graduates will be allowed to sit for the Social Work Licensure Exam.

The goal of Sociology  is to provide an understanding of the scientific study of social problems, and patterns of human behavior in social groups. Sociology is concerned with scientific research methods, causes and solutions for social problems, and the growth of the individual within the wider context of society. In the study of sociology, the student is encouraged to develop theoretical frameworks and techniques of investigation useful for analysis and insight into group behavior and individual development.

The Emphasis in Criminology   offers Sociology majors seeking careers in criminology or criminal justice a broad foundational liberal arts education with a focus that encourages them to think critically about crime and justice issues and prepares them for careers in the criminal justice system, law school or other graduate degree programs.